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About Wales 4 Weddings

Wales 4 Weddings was created as there was a distinct lack of specialised locations online to find high quality Wedding Services in Wales

Our goal at Wales 4 Weddings is to develop a comprehensive resource for couples in the process of planning one of the most important days of their lives, their weddings!

The Wales 4 Weddings team has a high level of web design and search engine optimisation experience. Our goal is to make Wales 4 Weddings the No1 resource online generating traffic to the directory, your WebVerts and your own company websites.

Wales 4 Weddings will not only drive web traffic and potential customers to your website but our enquiry system will deliver leads directly to your inbox!

Our Charges

Wales 4 Weddings is an incredibly cost effective way of marketing your business online. All listings on Wales 4 Weddings are equal and currently we offer 12 month subscriptions.

£90 12 months

The 12 month period begins from 9th July 2022 - click here to sign up now!

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