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A J Guttridge

Wedding Flower ArrangementThe South Wales based Wedding Florists A J Guttridge has been established for over 65 years and was recently featured in the "Wedding Flowers" magazine as one of the best wedding florists in the UK.

A J Guttridge has received the Silver Award in The Flower Shop of the Year 2006 competition and has had arrangements featured on Living TV. They have a team of 12 professional florists backed up by a full-time professional support team comprising delivery drivers, customer service representatives, project managers, a specialist purchasing team and horticulturalists.

A J Guttridge aim to create flower designs which suit your weddings personality and style. In 2006 they provided flowers for over 200 weddings, varying from large scale events right down to a single bouquet and buttonhole, collected by the bride on the morning of the wedding. As a leading retail florist, A J Guttridge have access to the best prices on the highest quality flowers. They are familiar with the popular wedding and reception venues within the South Wales area and can offer advice on how flowers can be used to enhance and personalise the venues to ensure your wedding is special and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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