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Advanced JC

A beautiful wedding ring created by Advanced Jewel Craft in Wales Advanced Jewel Craft are an award winning company specialising in bespoke wedding jewellery. For your special day we work closely with you to create the perfect engagement or wedding ring.

Having listened to our client's we have found that in the past finding a wedding ring they like and that would fit there engagement ring has been time consuming and almost impossible. That's why at AJC we have a modern solution for an age old problem. No matter what shape your engagement ring we will always be able to create the perfect fit and still give you the design you wanted. For a personal touch please visit our web site.

A spectacular diamond wedding engagement ring You start by having a chat with Neil Rayment, AJC's master jeweller (normally this is face to face). In the course of this discussion, he sketches up your vision...

Back in the studio AJC create a 3D model. A piece of jewellery should be as individual as you are. That is why Advanced Jewel-Craft only create bespoke pieces for people we get to know.






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