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Craig James Magic

Magician Craig James entertaining some wedding guestsIt's the biggest and most memorable day in your life; you're contemplating hiring a close up magician? All you've found so far are people who've bought a few ‘tricks' down the local magic shop and call themselves magicians?

Do you really want to hire a dodgy old guy who wears a flashing bow tie and hassles your guests? I didn't think so!

Craig is one of the most sought after wedding magicians, as he can really add that extra sparkle to your big day, helping you transform your wedding from ordinary to memorable.

With Craig as your wedding magician, you are guaranteed that your wedding will stand out above all others.

image of wedding magician

Let Craig stun and amaze your guests, leaving them talking about your wedding for years to come.

Relax and enjoy YOUR big day safe in the knowledge that you have hired an experienced and professional close up magician.

Craig can entertain the children and even teach them a few tricks to keep them occupied for hours, leaving you to enjoy your special day and not worry about the little rascals!






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