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David Bijou Magician

caerphilly wedding magician close upDavid Bijou became interested in magic and puppets at the age of seven,when he saw a glove puppet productuon of "Pilgrims Progress". Three years on he had progressed to some original thinking and produced,"The Three Bears",which he performed at school.His teacher was so impressed she arranged for him to visit another school for a Christmas party, and HE WAS PAID! The die was cast.

1955. David formed the "BIJOU MAGICAL THEATRE", since then many tours have been made both in England and on the Continent,plus thousands of childrens shows,adult birthday parties,in clubs, theatres and schools.

1959. David married. As an entertainer it was difficult to get a mortgage, thus the need for
a 'proper job', he became a child care officer and the next 30 years were spent as a social,and then senior social worker working mainly with children, only the magic kept him sane.

Finally, having cleared the mortgage and once his children were well settled, he was able to return to his first love -entertaining children and adults- full time,since 1993 he has specialised in Close Up Magic at weddings,corporate functions and adult birthday parties.







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