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Fagan Photography

To capture the moments of your wedding day, I arrive in time to be able to tell the photographic story... And I unobtrusively capture each poignant moment of the big day.

Lovely wedding photograph collectionPhotographs are not posed or staged. Your guests and family are often unaware the camera is there, so events can be treasured in a pure, genuine state.

True emotion is caught and revealed using this style of wedding photography. I work with digital technology as well as with black and white film, which is wonderful for giving a 'storybook' effect.

The end result is a narrative collection of images that show real emotions and experiences of the day's events, and I can offer you a choice of albums ranging from the simple to the sublime. To see some examples of my work just click on the link above for the wedding gallery.

If you would like your day to be a relaxed one, and you hope to find a wedding photojournalist who lets the actions of the day happen instead of making them happen... then just get in touch with me and I'll be happy to discuss your special day!


Beautiful black and white wedding photograph







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