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J Arthur Jacks

scenic wedding photography of the bride and groomIf you are getting married in West Wales and looking for a high quality Wedding photographer then it is well worth contacting J Arthur Jack for a quote. J Arthur Jack has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. He has worked in Press, Magazine work, Advertising, Commercial and Industrial photography. All his work can now be digital or film based, and electronic transmission is available should it be required.

Over the last ten years, he has tended to take more of an interest in weddings, portraits and childrens photography, concentrating on a mixture of formal and creative images. Living in West Wales, Ceredigion-Carmarthenshire, J Arthur Jack is an expert it Wedding photography ensuring that your big day is captured professionally so your happy memories are there to see for a lifetime.

J Arthur Jack would be happy to send you a brochure showing you some samples of his work and terms of business. Please feel free to visit his website for more information.

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