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Stuart Watkins - Close Up Magician

Stuart Watkins, a close up magician with his award-winning close up magic act has firmly established himself as one of Uks most popular and sought after entertainers specialising in the ever-growing popularity of Close-up magic. With the use of cards, coins, sponges balls, mind-reading and personal objects from the spectator Stuart will guarantee to leave a lifetime impression on your family, friends and clientele.

steve watkins with philip schofieldThe show is completely compact with tricks and miracles performed from the pockets enabling Stuart to perform and amaze people at all Social or Corporate functions indoors or outdoors, including special children's effects which will also keep the little ones amused during the event.

Stuarts light hearted approach will warm and captivate everybody, nobody will be put into an embarrasing situation or asked to be included if they feel uncomfortable as Stuarts experience will spot the shy and reserved spectatators. Small point but very important to guarantee that everyone experiences that Magical Rollercoaster!! Will your event have a theme? Stuart will gladly arrive dressed up in fancy dress i.e. Lord of the Rings attire if required!







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