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Wedding Wow

Wedding Wow Floral

Wedding Wow are a top quality wedding supplier who can cater for a very wide range of requirements. From wedding chair covers for your reception to Tiara's to button holes to bouquets to crystal bouquets! 

Our Products

Wedding Wow have been making bespoke items for around 5 years. They use top quality products but are always happy to quote you for products on out site using less expensive materials. This is NOT always possible but do not hesitate to contact them by email.

Their products evolve from year to year because, just like the fashion world, Bridal products also follow trends.

Wedding Wow stay at the leading edge of Bridal trends by regularly attending trade shows both in Wales and the rest of the UK, which is why you will see a product here far before it reaches the high street!!

Wedding Wow Chair Covers and Table Decorations






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