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The Wales 4 Weddings story so far..

3rd November 2008

Whether you are recently engaged and looking to plan your wedding, just curious or looking for a service to brighten up a big party of special occassion then Wales 4 Weddings aims to be your number one resource.

Over the coming months we aim to starting posting advice from some of our wedding service providers to help guide you when browsing through the services listed on Wales 4 Weddings. We also look forward to receiving your comments suggesting ways which we can improve Wales 4 Weddings and add to its feature set.

To launch the Wales 4 Weddings blog, we thought you might be interested in finding out a little bit more about us, the team behind Wales 4 Weddings. Every story has a beginning and here is ours......

Perhaps not quite fitting the mould of the stereotypical person associated with Wedding related services but Wales 4 Weddings was started up by three unmarried lads men in their mid 20's living in Cardiff. After being gently nudged by our respective partners to a Wedding Fayre in the Cardiff Indoor Area we noticed just how much public interest there was in Wedding related services, how much energy and enthusiasm these wedding business had and the tremendous variety of high quality services - both traditional and new - available for recently engaged couples to browse through and consider when planning their big day.

As our partners quickly filled their free give away plastic bags with all the marketing material, samples and freebies they could get their hands on we felt that there was just soo much to take in that a more relaxed and leisurely atmosphere to browse the available services would brilliantly compliment the frantically busy Wedding Fayre environment. Thus was born the idea of creating a website to list these services online, a point of reference for the soon to be weds to browse the multitude of available services and business at their own pace. The website would aim to provide enough information to get a general feeling about each business and have easily accessible contact information if a browser wanted to get in contact with the business or visit their personal website for more detailed information.

We felt it was a good idea to break the services down into regions so that people could easily identify whether a business would provide for their chosen venue and tried to include, where possible, at least two high quality photos to showcase each business.

Wales 4 Weddings launched roughly September 2006 and, as anyone who has launched a new website knows, getting initial traffic and interest proved a challenge. Steadily though, through our network of contacts and some very positive feedback from businesses we initially approached, the websites traffic and business interest began to pickup and now, about to hit our 1 Year Birthday we are delighted that we were able to get 20 businesses listed on the website by December 2006.

The difference 12 months make, in August this year alone Wales 4 Weddings has generated 52 email enquiries and 737 clicks throughs the websites of businesses listed on the service. Adverts have been browsed nearly 5,000 time meaning the average advert in August alone has been seen ~ 50 times.

Over the next year the Wales 4 Weddings team looks to build on what we feel has been a successful first 12 months, adding new features where suggested to strive towards our goal - making Wales 4 Weddings being the number 1 website to browse for all couples getting married in Wales.

We strongly encourage all suggestions and feedback from both the businesses listed and people browsing the website and hope we have atleast been a valuable resource for all people planning their big day.




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Wales 4 Weddings Regional Breakdown