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New look Wales 4 Weddings

20th November 2008

After months of careful planning and the odd heated debate Wales 4 Weddings is proud to reveal its brand new look!

First and foremost a big that you for all the help and feedback we received from our friends and family. Thanks as well must go to the design team over at Spindogs for showing much patience during the design process. It was greatly appreciated and we feel it has enabled us to produce a new look website that retains its simplicity and ease of use. Without all of your comments and help we might have stuck with our original idea of a black and yellow stripped background image theme - just kiddin!!

We now embark on an incredibly exciting period for Wales 4 Weddings and are soon to launch our brand new Venues area. This area will allow for detailed searching of Venues and we cannot wait to official unveil it.

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Wales 4 Weddings Regional Breakdown