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5 things to consider when booking your wedding venue!

20th December 2012

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will make after getting engaged, as it will help determine your theme, your budget and the number of guests that you are able to invite.

Many people have their dream venue in mind but with families now spread over the country, potentially the world, there is a lot more to think about!


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We have put together a short list of things you should be thinking about when choosing your venue, to help you on your way! 

1. UK or abroad?

Every year more people choose to get married abroad, largely because you can guarantee the weather! Although this may save you money is it going to limit who will be able to come? Are there definite on your guest list that you want there more than the sunshine??

2. Where do your guests live?

If all of your friends and family live close by you need to consider whether they would be happy to travel 500 miles to your dream wedding venue, as the costs could be high and they may need to take time off work. If your guests live all over the world you may also want to consider how far from the nearest airport, train station or bus station your venue is, as not only will they need to land nearby but they may then need to travel to their accommodation and the wedding venue. It is a great idea to include local information with your invitations if you know your guests are from out of town. 

3. What is your theme?

If you have in mind that you would like a vintage / medieval / traditional or Christmas themed wedding you need to consider whether your venue is going to match the theme or be completely at ours. Remember that a village hall or hotel can often be blank canvasses and so ready to be transformed with some creativity and hard work into whatever you need them to be! 

4. What is your budget?

The two of you need to sit down and agree your overall budget before you look at any wedding venues and then decide how much of the budget you are happy to allocate to the ceremony and reception. This will help you shortlist venues that are within your budget rather than setting your heart on somewhere that might break the bank!

5. Weather! 

Do you know when you are planning to get married? If so, you will not only have to check availability with the venue as soon as possible, but also consider whether it is appropriate for the time of year. Would you choose an outdoor ceremony in a rose garden when there is a high risk of showers?! You will also need to consider whether the weather could have an effect on your photos, if you need to have them taken inside are there enough indoor backdrops that can be used for the photos?

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